UFB For Student Flats

Studentzone is a special plan to meet the needs of Dunedin students. This is the fastest version of our highly-successful Studentzone package offered in Dunedin since 2009.

We supply a dual-band 802.11ac WiFi router with capacity to match your UFB connection.

Ordering Studentzone

Let us know if there is an existing UFB installation at your flat because this speeds up the ordering process!

  • Order Studentzone online below.
  • We will schedule installation of UFB by Chorus.
  • Chorus will contact you directly to confirm installation (if necessary).
  • We will provide a wireless router pre-configured on date of installation.
  • At end of November, we will arrange to collect all equipment.

Things To Be Aware Of

  • Availability is within the current Chorus UFB areas in Dunedin.
  • We order the earliest available dates from Chorus but these are subject to lead-time of 14-30 days
  • The contact person must be available on the dates scheduled by Chorus for scoping and installation.
  • Upload and download speeds are subject to variation in practice due to a number of factors, including UFB line speed, usage patterns, source of the download, speed of your computer amongst others.
  • Speeds achievable on wireless vary significantly according to environmental factors and the capabilities of individual devices
  • We cannot guarantee complete wireless coverage throughout student flats from a single router

Download the terms and conditions.

Monthly. Use as long as you need.

If you are not in your student flat for a full year, then sign up for the monthly option instead. We will supply a dual-band 802.11ac WiFi router for use during the term of service.

  • WiFi router supplied.
  • Setup fee N/A
  • Contract term N/A
  • Unlimited data.